Tips on Getting a Car Loan in Australia

Car Loan Finance AustraliaGetting a car loan can be a trying experience, especially for those who do not have great credit, are self-employed, or if they have never applied for a loan of this type before. It pays to remember that the first time you do many different things it’s always brings a little fear which can be a good thing. However, there are things you can do to help ease the stress of getting a loan to purchase a motor vehicle.

This will involve a little planning on your part and a fair-minded assessment of your current financial status. If you have a serious deficit in your financial profile that may keep you from getting a loan, it pays to work on that first before setting out. Of course, there are lenders who may overlook certain issues like a poor credit score, but you will pay more as a result.

One mistake you should not make is simply going to lenders that do not check credit scores or say that such information is low on their list. They make up for this by charging more interest on the loan. Instead, you should take into account the following tips in order to maximize your chances with creditors that do look at credit scores. 

Look for a Car that is Within Your Budget

This may seem like obvious advice, but it is still amazing how many people try to purchase vehicles that are well beyond what they can afford. This is because they often fail to take into account the cost past the price which may include;

  • Insurance
  • Stamp Duty 
  • Registration

There is also a myriad of little costs that can add up as well, particularly if the mileage on the vehicle is not as good as the previous model that you owned. However, lenders will take that into account as they assess your finances and may quickly reject you because they understand that you cannot afford the vehicle.

So, you should look for a car that easily fits your budget so you can use the credit built up to pay for a better one in the future. You may have to delay the satisfaction of owning your dream vehicle. However, by purchasing one that is less expensive you can boost your credit score and save more money to buy a better vehicle later. 

Work to Reduce Your Debt

Arguably the best way to impress lenders is by reducing the amount of debt that you owe. By having little to no existing debt that you have Car Loans in Australiapaid off, you are demonstrating to lenders that you are responsible. This means that you can borrow more money and perhaps even go without a down payment in order to get the vehicle you want. Having a stable financial platform means that lenders will be more impressed with your ability to spend money wisely and budget appropriately.

Of course, you will still need to take into account your income to expense ratio because that will play a strong role in securing the type of vehicle that you want. By having enough disposable income to spend on all the expenses associated with a vehicle, you are in a far better position with lenders in getting the loan that you want. 

Eliminate Mistakes from Your Credit Report

The thing about credit reports is that they are not always accurate. Information that should have been removed may stay or inaccurate information is applied when it should never be there. It pays to look at your own credit report every so often and particularly well before you consider getting a loan for a vehicle. Information that is inaccurate is also lowering your credit score and that will have to be removed. 

Also take into consideration that it takes time to remove false or outdated information from your credit history, so be sure that it is all taken care of before you attempt to get a loan. Otherwise, you might be rejected all because of information that is not true. 

Consider the Secured Loan

There are times when you may have to get a guarantor in order to secure a loan. A secured loan means that you place your vehicle as the collateral needed in order to get the loan. This means that if you miss payments, the lender may repossess your vehicle. Plus, you will have to pay for more insurance that repairs any damage to the vehicle in order to keep its value. 

For first-time borrowers, you may need a secured car loan in order to get the vehicle unless your credit score is superb. However, for lenders the secured loan is generally the preferred way for them to go because it does provide peace of mind. After all, if properly insured they are going to get their money or the vehicle back if you do not pay on time. 

Shop Around for the Right Lender

Car Loans AustraliaUse our Motor Vehicle Loan Directory to shop around for the right lender that meets your needs. Keep in mind that each lender is looking for your business and they will offer a number of items to bring you in such as low interest rates, easier approval, or favorable payment conditions. However, you should also not fill out any applications until after you have made your choice. The reason is that getting rejected will actually show up on your credit report.

You do not need any rejections, so instead you will want to gather as much information as you can first. This means that you will not want to make any applications until you have found the lender that you strongly believe will approve. In fact, even for those who have a good credit history and prior approvals, it really pays to go further to find the right lender for your needs. 

In the end, getting the right motor vehicle loans takes research, effort, and patience on your part in order to get the best conditions for borrowing what you need. However, it will be worth it if you take the appropriate amount of time to make sure that everything is right before you apply for the loan.  

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